Running a Successful Art Business from Home in 5 Easy Steps

Fill the space around your peak creative times with other to-do’s. What tasks do you know you need to complete every day or week? Keep a running to-do list and set reminders so nothing accidentally goes unnoticed. Remember that this is a space where you will hopefully be spending most of your time. As your art business from home takes off, you need a space where you can toggle between your creative endeavours and running the business. That’s why SMART Garden Office’s Affinity range of garden studios is often a great choice for artists.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to edit videos from home that combine storytelling, digital skills, and collaboration with creative teams.
  • The 120-credit program spans nine semesters, takes 36 months to complete, and tuition is $66,450.
  • For example, get dressed like you’re going to work, take a shower, and make a cup of coffee.
  • It’s important to let your agenda change if you need it to, but it’s equally important to commit to a schedule that outlines every assignment before you begin.
  • “When I’m powering through my inbox, I need some intense and catchy rap/R&B (like Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus) blasting through my headphones, but when I’m writing, Tom Petty is the trick.

Evenings and weekends or other off days are reckless. If we behave recklessly every day, we would never set up a work culture. This article on how to choose between ambition and happiness addresses the same issue. Keep an account of your time — When you start working and when you stop. How much time did you spend watching Best Friends Moments on Youtube?

Break Free

My big one right now is coming up with some kind of structure and taking appropriate breaks. Whatever hours in the day you like to work, keep to those—and don’t judge them. Mine right now are around 11 a.m.–4 p.m., then 8 p.m.–2 am. L like a long afternoon break to go for a walk, cook dinner, maybe watch some TV, but then go back to work. They are short 10–15 minute things that will get my mind off of work but are not so interesting that I don’t go back to work.

how to work from home successfully

With some extra time at home lately, I’ve been catching up on some online training and enjoying it. Add more bullets to your list if they come to mind. Otherwise, unwind, enjoy your evening, and get a good night’s sleep.

Align your skills with a WFH role

Becca Brewer is building a better future on a thriving earth by healing herself into wholeness, divesting from separation, and walking the path of the loving heart. Previously to her journey as an adventurer for a just, meaningful, and regenerative world, Becca was a formally trained sexuality educator with a master of education. While some designer positions require only a high school diploma, many jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for employment. Additionally, The Art of Education is a site where those interested in K-12 art teaching can take university-level coursework without enrolling in a program. The Designing Your Art Curriculum course can help new and experienced art teachers to structure their classroom in a way that empowers and engages students. The course takes 10 hours over four weeks to complete and costs $597 for non-graduate credit, and $1047 for graduate credit.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

If you’re like many American professionals, you probably spent as much time worrying about toilet paper as you did about the new work from home reality many of us were thrust into. Of all the priorities, decorating a home office was probably low on the list. Are they a good representation of your professional self? For the office-going crowd, the option to work from your home will probably not go away any time soon, making this the perfect time to upgrade your walls.

Combine your to-do list with time blocking

Having such flexibility on your own can prove difficult for artists to adjust. Are you a morning person who loves to knock out tasks before lunch? Do you get your energy late in the day and even into the night?

  • And, you’ll have planned your task list so recently that you can be tempted to change your schedule on the fly.
  • The weight of it, the variety of objects, the history.
  • It helps to set your alarm at a regular time and go through your normal morning routine.
  • An animator I know is a killer character designer.
  • Though it may seem comfier, in the long term you’ll find yourself sitting in positions that could end up doing a number of your back and also make you less alert than usual.
  • Having such flexibility on your own can prove difficult for artists to adjust.

While working from home gives you flexibility (goodbye, commute), it often means less structure and more distractions from your housemates. As such, you may have to switch up your schedule and learn new ways to succeed in a remote work setting. Get 24 tips to help you find balance—including ways to set boundaries, create productive routines, and virtually connect with your coworkers.

Vowing to stay focused is a great start, but we’re willing to guess that without a set plan, it won’t do much good. You would look forward to going out and taking a walk in the park or watching a play or partying or doing whatever you like. This social engagement keeps you going through the day, and the week, and the lonely working hours. You might feel like missing out, but that is not true.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

I’m a collector, not of any one type of thing, but I like to keep hold of things I like the look of or things that remind me of an experience. So my office is pretty busy, and that’s the way I like it. For me personally, it’s about creating a structure that doesn’t feel like I’m putting myself under pressure but ultimately keeps me on track and on course for what I’d like to achieve in a day.

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